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View the release of Jon Roach’s new t-shirts featuring his signature black and white line art. Printed by Full Press Print, these all-over print t-shirts will transform you into a living, breathing piece of art.

Roach’s artistic style combines elements of screen printing, graphic design, collage and fine art. The creation of his artwork begins with the canvas as the creativity flows through and spills over, holding back intent and reason. The complexity of Roach’s work is consistent whether he is painting with multiple colors or drawing with a simple black pen. Geometric shapes and patterns formed in each of his pieces can create hidden landscapes and characters telling each viewer a different story. What do you see?

Join us August 18 and September 7, 2017 to be included in Jon Roach’s upcoming YouTube video where he asks the question, “What do you see in my art?”

Get a sneak peak into the creation process at

For more information on Jon “Roach” Brosius, please visit http://roachesneedlovetoo.com/ .