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So you have a business page on Facebook and you post pretty photos of your products on Instagram. Maybe you even use hashtags and know how to tweet. That's super rad but not really enough.
Social media usage without a solid strategy, in depth knowledge and wisdom is much like having a fancy car. A fancy car that has no gas in the tank, no GPS and no wheels. You may have the most badass road trip planned, that car is going to take you absolutely nowhere FAST.
There is a truly effective way to utilize social media and 90% of the business owners we've encountered are doing it wrong and DON'T EVEN KNOW IT. Are you in that 90%? You sure about that? 
If you're not 110% sure you don't suck at using social media for your business, you need to get out of your lifeless (but pretty!) car and Uber it over to Mind & Mill, a digital marketing agency in Riverside, California, for a little social media intervention.

Thank you to our sponsors, SolarMax Technology, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, Wicks Brewery Co, Riverside Arts Council and All Covered (IT Services from Konica Minolta), for so generously helping make this event possible.