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Startups and Small / Medium Businesses usually take shortcuts on implementing technologies that can effectively protect their businesses data. The main reason they do this is because they are not aware of how they can protect their business without paying ridiculous amounts of money. This seminar will focus on showing you how to implement and practice cost effective cyber security strategies using a three layer method to protect your company.

Layer (1) Network Level – Learn how to protect your company’s network from internal and external attacks.

Layer (2) Computer Level – Learn how to protect your company’s data at the computer level, such as lost or stolen computer.

Layer (3) User Level – Learn about the tools that you can use to protect your company from a user, making a critical mistake such as introducing ransomware into your business.

Thomas is a recognized leader in IT Security and Services that has worked with hundreds of executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs on the implementation of emerging business technologies and the latest tools in cyber security. He’s held positions as Systems Administrator to IT Operations Director responsible for the management and security of cloud infrastructures, IT Operations, and Service Delivery for over 50 companies ranging from healthcare to legal. Maintaining a strong business acumen and technical background, he has unique perspective on how to effectively implement a IT Services and Strategy that works will in business.

Thank you to our sponsors, SolarMax Technology, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, Wicks Brewery Co, Riverside Arts Council and All Covered (IT Services from Konica Minolta), for so generously helping make this event possible.