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A great place to start for the absolute beginner!

Learn the risks and potential rewards of Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Session Outline:

- What are cryptocurrencies?
- What is Bitcoin?
- What are some of the risks/criticisms?
- How do you set up an account to trade?
- How do you buy and sell?
- You’ll have the option to set up and fund accounts and trade live!
- What are some tools of the trade?
- Position sizing and timing discussion.
- Interactive Q&A

Trading cryptocurrencies is highly speculative. You could lose your money. We are not financial consultants or financial advisors. We are not going to sell you a get rich quick scheme. We will, however, expose you to the new universe of this burgeoning technology and teach you how to get started.

This is a terrific course for:

- the absolute beginner at bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
- anyone interested in buying cryptocurrencies
- those who want to learn about Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other Alt Coins

This class is designed to provide attendees with a general overview of bitcoin and alt coins. It is not designed to be an investment guide or to take the place of advice from a qualified financial planner or other professionals. Given the risk involved in investing of almost any kind, there is no guarantee that the methods suggested in this class will be profitable. While the methods described in this class may have been effective for the instructor or others, there is no guarantee that the methods will be profitable in specific applications, owing to the risk that is involved in investing of almost any kind. Thus, neither the venue nor the instructor assume liability for any losses that may be sustained by the use of the methods described in this class, and any such liability is hereby expressly disclaimed.