• Mind & MIll (map)
  • 3615 Main Street Ste. 103
  • Riverside, CA, 92501
  • United States

The breathwork session will provide you an opportunity to calm your mind, open your soul, release built up tension, breakdown barriers, and ultimately allow for a powerful, emotional, & transformative experience.

Led by Barbara Bee, this breathing technique is "active continuous breathing" done in & out of the mouth in a circular and repeated pattern, accompanied by music. During the class, she will introduce the breathing technique and explain some of the things you may experience.

This session is $20 per person, paid via PayPal or Venmo using barbara_bee@hotmail.com. There are limited spots so you must RSVP on Facebook and pay prior to class to secure your spot. The host will DM you with payment details if you have questions.