Mind and Mill Member Network Community Guidelines

The mission of the Mind and Mill Member Network is to give you a place to create and foster connections with fellow Mind and Mill members around the world. We want our members to feel safe and supported and have created the following the guidelines to help you get the most out of the Member Network experience.

What to do: Here are ways to to connect with other members on the Member Network.

Offer and find business solutions

Post your business questions and needs. Whether you are looking for answers to a "how-to" question or are in need of a service provider, the community can help.

Share knowledge

The Mind and Mill community values learning. What can we learn from you? Contribute to the Member Network by starting conversations about your interests and expertise.

Be respectful

Be thoughtful of others in your online engagement and add to the supportive and celebratory feeling of Mind and Mill.

What not to do: The following actions can lead to revocation of your membership.

  • Post illegal, inappropriate or threatening content.
  • Spam members through posts or personal messages.
  • Make statements that could damage the reputation of other members.
  • Disrupt the professional work environment.
  • Conduct fraudulent activity.

Reporting misuse

If you see any post, comment, profile, or message that you feel goes against the Community Guidelines, please share your concern by reporting it via info@mindandmill.com. We have a dedicated team that reviews all reported posts, and will always keep your report anonymous to other members.

A failure to follow the Community Guidelines may result in revocation of membership.

Questions? Email info@mindandmill.com.

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