we create experiences that grow businesses, transform brands and make people's lives better

business strategy

mind & mill helps companies traverse and find success in today's digital landscape

  • experience strategy
  • growth opportunities
  • asset monetization
  • investment planning
  • operational excellence
  • technical excellence
  • business & product innovation


mind & mill helps brands capitalize on earned, owned and paid media while captivating users, evolving themselves, and creating powerful audiences by engaging users in conversations that matter

  • strategy
  • campaigns
  • community management
  • influencer engagement
  • media relations
  • crisis response
  • analytics

video, audio & photography services

mind & mill has a complete audio & video solutions team capable of handling all your sound and video related needs with a state of the art studio that provides industry quality recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. events, large or small will be impactful and memorable with our on location sound systems, stage, videography and lighting services. our knowledgeable staff will be there to help you navigate through the process

  • video & audio production
  • video & audio recording
  • video & audio editing
  • video & audio mastering
  • scripting
  • photography
  • on location sound systems, stage, videography & lighting
  • podcast creation, studio recording, editing, & management


mind & mill drives a customer focused approach to media and planning by applying principles of user centric design to the creation of communication strategies that seamlessly integrate message and media to effectively deliver a brand's vision to customers

  • media design analysis
  • touch point planning
  • investment planning
  • media activation


mind & mill helps companies evolve into successful brand evangelists by creating new ways for organizations to publish which reaches, engages and communicates with their audience

  • strategy
  • information strategy
  • publishing management
  • content & blog development


mind & mill combines research with tools and processes to direct our strategy, design and tech decisions to gain a deep understanding of a brand's user by starting with what users need and want

  • ethnographic research
  • qualitative research
  • quantitative research
  • usability testing
  • market segmentation
  • user personas and scenarios

data science

mind & mill helps to demystify data that has traditionally been difficult to understand and to interpret patterns of consumer behavior

  • strategy & implementation
  • consumer data analytics
  • marketing, social & crm analytics
  • data visualization
  • data monetization
  • statistical modeling

user experience design

mind & mill focuses on the needs of users and captivates them with useful, engaging and relevant design that fuels business growth and impacts lives

  • omnichannel design
  • service design
  • in-store digital
  • product design
  • responsive design
  • mobile and emerging platforms
  • industrial design


mind & mill extends a brand's reach by combining traditional brand strategy with a digital branding topography that translates customer desires into tangible experiences

  • brand experience strategy
  • marketing & communication strategy
  • digital brand translation
  • graphic design


mind & mill extends well beyond traditional marketing efforts by leveraging technologies from all aspects of a business to push the boundaries of what companies can enable for their customers

  • mobile & multiplatform apps
  • ecommerce
  • ecommerce marketplace management
  • in-store digital
  • web development & applications
  • content management systems
  • emerging platforms
  • api & edi integration
  • conversion optimization & a/b testing


mind & mill helps businesses grow their audience through natural and paid search using content, design, tech and social to increase conversion and develop long term customer relationships and engagements

  • search technology strategy
  • search content strategy
  • search social strategy
  • local optimization
  • competitive inbound analysis
  • paid search


mind & mill builds and nurtures relationships with customers and increases customer lifetime value by tackling the challenges and desires of customers through communication channels, listening to needs and delivering the right messages when and where they're needed

  • strategy
  • loyalty initiatives
  • marketing automation
  • digital customer service
  • customer data management
  • email campaigns

American Branding

mind & mill helps Chinese companies who wish to build a brand in the United States. we understand the challenge of capturing an entirely new audience and have helped Chinese companies build their brand and sales infrastructure in America

  • brand creation
  • identification and recommendation of appropriate sales channels
  • market penetration
  • logistics
  • marketing campaigns


mind & mill 帮助中国企业在美国建立他们的品牌。我们理解企业要捕获全新消费者是具有挑战性的,因此我们致力帮助中国企业在美国建立他们的品牌和销售基底

  • 创造品牌
  • 识别与建议适合的销售渠道
  • 打入市场
  • 后勤
  • 市场活动